-== Ashadieyah & Azfar Darwisy ==-

By: Preity Fiedah

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Monday, 14-Aug-2006 06:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Last Updates...

asha tgh 'test drive' 'ferrari' kaler kuning hehe
wah kemain eksen lagik ek..siap cilok gitu!
alamak aihh ni ape nyer speed boat daa...
View all 5 photos...
yuhuuu jangan terkejut lak..ni bukan last entry...tu pasal bubuh tajuk last updates these pictures were taken yesterday...at a family recreation centre somewhere kat wisma satok...hehe at first Asha masuk lam kete kuning tuh..punye lah senyum manjang sebab memang feveret Asha lah pegang stereng kete tuh dari dia kecik lagi..huhu...pastu bila token 50 sen tu habih...me and hubby 'transfer' lah Asha masuk lam speed boat biru tu plak...tapi hampeh...Asha tak suke! dia nyer jeling mak oihhh sampai tanak tgk kamera langsung...maybe sebab speed boat tu lembab...tu la pasal! kesian anak mama!

senyum sokmo! suke lah tu

ape daaaa...dah lah lembap! tak best lak tuh..nyesal aku naik!

huh why last updates..?? jeng jeng jeng... coz I'll be on leave from 16-24 nih...kalo esok pun...takde updates nyer hehe...lebeh suke reply comments jerk huhu...so my friends in east mesia...be alert haa asha & co. will touch down on the 17...so here is the itinerary of the visit...check it out

17 Aug = will arrive LCC at approximately 10 pm (itu pon kalo tak delay!) and direct to my BIL's hse @ KJ

18-19 = Genting! yiihhaaa will spend a night there to really feel the 'city of excitement' and furthermore...Ibu Syahmi and co. pon akan turun KL and they'll arrive at 3 pm on the 19...hehe actually Ibu Syahmi is mama's Mak Su...so Syahmi is mama's kazen! so Asha is Syahmi's niece...so...and so...so...

20-22 = will be spending 3D2N somewhere @ Jln TAR...of course with Ibu Syahmi also hehe...utk borong aper² yg patut kat situ...and kawasan yg sewaktu dengannya...atau this is the time that we all shop tilll we drop! however...Ibu Syahmi & co. akan balik s'pore on the 22...owhh Ibu tak dpt cuti panjang..takpe lah.. at least lah kan dpt spend time 2gether² nih...huhu

23-24 = balik ke umah my BIL...and from there kitorang sambung shopping lagi hehe...then on the 24...have to say tata to all...we're taking noon flight...so itu jer lah...pastu on the 25 plak...mama dah keje...huhu boring nyer!

Monday, 7-Aug-2006 03:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I'm 14 months today!

Yiihhaaa Asha starts her day by visiting her paedi today for her 1st MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) jab hehe...she was 'tough' as usual..although she tried to kick (again..) her paedi hmmm she weighted 10.3 only...quite ok for her la...and add her height to 80 cm aiiyaakkk we're getting closer! yes the doctor said she is getting taller!!! habislah mama! Anyway...Happy 14 months old sayang Mama & Papa!

waiting patiently for her turn

and these pics were taken last saturday, after hitting Dragon Tiger Gate movie and then having high tea at Orchid Garden, Holiday Inn

can you people out there count my teeth..??

Friday, 4-Aug-2006 06:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
contest...contest and contest!

Asha enrolled the "My Lovely Kids & Baby Contest 2006" specifically for Sarawakian and here are the pics....enjoy!

hmm think of sending one of these to the kindergartenmalaysia.com too like what other FP mommies did...hey..i did vote for them...syahmi...fenriz..nadiah...and ayern! i'm fair enuff rite..??

Monday, 31-Jul-2006 03:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark
.:::A non-cinderella love story:::.

Hmm I can say that this is the toughest tag I’ve done ever but for you Zizie…I’ll try my very best to accomplish it…even it has been ages since you tagged me

well I met Hubby last August 2002…ermm nearly 4 years ago when I undergone my practical training somewhere in Kuching…it started when he approached me actually not him..he asked his workers to give his business card…alah tak gentleman sunggoh hubbyku itu! at that time I was passing by his house and he run car wash shop…according to my MIL and SILs he was eyeing me since the first day he saw me passing by the house hehe…however, I ‘jual mahal’ sket hehe takmo layan the first time but he kept on teasing me every time I passed until one day I asked one of my classmates who stayed next to him about who is this stranger ‘tak tau malu kaco anak dara orang and tak reti bahasa betol’…hehe you know what..?? the classmate is his cousin! Nah kau..kan dah terkena batang hidung sendiri! Waaa malu nyer weii nak sorok muka pun dah tak dapat! Thank God the cousin is nice and he convinced me that his cousin is bla..bla..bla (all the nicest things la kalo hubbyku tahu mesti dia kembang!)

22nd August..we start ‘dating’ hehe and a month after on 23rd September we confirmed to be a couple..(ewaahh itu pon nak declare gak eh haha) but what makes hubby so sure to let me be a part of him..?? because of this lovely poem (I’m sure most of you have got it too) which I sent to him and my other friends (thanks to Helda for sending me this) and it really touched his heart and open wide his eye owh dear!

Mungkin Tuhan sengaja mahu kita berjumpa dgn orang yg salah
sebelum menemui insan yg betul supaya apabila kita akhirnya menemui insan
yg betul, kita akan tahu bagaimana utk bersyukur dgn pemberian dan hikmah
di sebalik pemberian tersebut.

Apabila salah satu pintu kebahagiaan tertutup, yg lain akan
terbuka tapi lazimnya kita akan memandang pintu yg telah tertutup itu
terlalu lama hinggakan kita tidak nampak pintu yg telah pun terbuka
untuk kita.

Teman yg paling baik ialah seseorang yang kita boleh duduk
bersama di dalam buaian dan berbuai bersama tanpa berkata apa-apa pun dan
kemudian berjalan pulang dgn perasaan bahawa itulah perbualan yang paling
hebat yg pernah kita rasai. Memang benar yang kita tidak akan tahu apa yg kita
punyai sehinggalah kita kehilangannya dan juga benar bahawa kita tidak akan
tahu apa yg kita rindukan sehinggalah "Ianya" hadir.

Ia cuma mengambil masa seminit untuk jatuh hati pada
seseorang, satu jam untuk menyukai seseorang, satu hari untuk menyintai
seseorang tetapi ia mengambil masa sepanjang hidup untuk melupakan seseorang.

Jangan pandang kepada kecantikan kerana ianya akan lapuk
ditelan usia, jangan kejar kemewahan kerana ianya akan susut ditelan
masa. Apa yang kekal hanyalah kecantikan hati seseorang....

Carilah seseorang yang bisa membuatkan anda tersenyum
kerana ia cuma memerlukan sekuntum senyuman untuk mencerahkan hari yg
suram. Akan tiba satu ketika di dalam kehidupan apabila anda teramat rindukan
seseorang sehingga anda ingin menggapainya dari mimpi dan memeluknya
dengan sebenar.

Mimpilah apa yang anda inginkan, pergilah ke mana-mana yg
anda ingin tujui dan jadilah apa yg anda inginkan kerana anda hanya memiliki
satu kehidupan dan satu peluang untuk melakukan semua perkara yang ingin
anda lakukan.

Semoga anda memiliki kebahagiaan yg cukup untuk membuatkan
diri anda menarik,
percubaan yg cukup utk membuatkan anda kuat, kesedihan yg
cukup utk memastikan anda adalah seorang insan dan harapan yg cukup
utk membuatkan anda bahagia....

Kebahagiaan seseorang manusia tidak semestinya dalam
memiliki segala yg terbaik. Mereka hanya membuat yg terbaik dalam hampir apa
saja yg datang di dalam hidup mereka. Kebahagiaan terletak kepada mereka yg
menangis, mereka yg terluka, mereka yang telah mencari dan mereka yg telah
mencuba, hanya mereka yg boleh menghargai kepentingan manusia yg telah
menyentuh hidup mereka.

Cinta bermula dgn senyuman, mekar dgn ciuman dan
berakhir dgn tangisan.....
Masa depan yg cerah sentiasa berteraskan kehidupan yg lalu
yg telah dilupakan Anda tidak boleh meneruskan kehidupan dengan
sempurna sehingga anda melupakan kegagalan dan kekecewaan masa silam

" Cinta takkan datang kalau tidak dicari"

Hmm it’s that enuff..?? no..?? erkk ok..so after I finished my practical, went back to Sabah and there the ‘Kutub Utara Kutub Selatan’ love story begins…we only get touch by phone calls and sms-es hehe and on the 3rd June 2003 (his 30th birthday) we tied the knot with engagement…wallaaa
After one year engaged, on the Friday evening of 27th August 2004, I officially became his wife...yes at last we end the ‘Kutub Utara Kutub Selatan’ love story pheww
October, 15 I was confirmed pregnant and that was an enjoyable moment in our life and to make it lovely I delivered our ‘angel’ on 7th June 2005…now we are really complete

To Hubby: I Really Love You!

ermm sorry friends, ni jer pics yg ader sbb takde masa nak scan

Thursday, 27-Jul-2006 02:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
.::Lagu untuk Ashadieyah::.

Zizie sorry for taking long time to reply your tag so here it is...a song...a very lovely one...to a very lovely person in our life..Ashadieyah...

p/s however, my words are not as sweet as yours ziezie..but they come from the bottom of my heart!

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I delivered an “angel”.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me upon delivery.
She was calm and warm in my arms.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your smiling lips in a peaceful sleep,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be apart from you.

Yeah, she caught our eyes,
And she “touched” our hearts.
She could see from our faces that we were,
happy and glad,
And I don't think that I'll dare be apart,
Although we shared a moment that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
You are so an angel,
'Cause you are so adorable,
Just remember that we love you.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that we should be with her.
And it's time to face the truth,
That we will always be with you!.

Friends out there...Ashadieyah is truly a precious gift from Allah to me and hubby!!! We don't know how to put into words how blissful and blessed we are to have her as our princess...Asha, we love you dear...

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